Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles' Newest Investor Hotspot

As developers begin to saturate Downtown Los Angeles and local prices skyrocket, investors and homebuyers are turning to smaller, less-discovered neighborhoods just outside of DTLA to secure property.

L.A.’s newest hotspot? Lincoln Heights.

via L.A. Times:

The gentrification in and around central Los Angeles has made Lincoln Heights a prime target for investors. It sits just a mile and a half from downtown and has its own walkable commercial district on Broadway. The views from its hillsides at night rival much wealthier perches in the Hollywood Hills or Mount Washington. And its streets are lined with apartments ready for renovation and sought-after “character homes,” to use real estate parlance — old Victorians and Craftsman bungalows.

Is Lincoln Heights the next Silverlake? Only time will tell, but if you’re interested in the area you might want to start your search before its too late.

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